"After being unemployed for the last year my sessions at the Centre helped me regain my confidence and self worth. I am now volunteering and applying for jobs. I feel a great sense of relief and achievement.

Thank you" 

"I was always running about and kept getting told off by mum. After playing with Mary (the pony) I feel like I don't have to run and don't feel fizzy inside. It's nice."

"After working with one of the ponies for several weeks I have learnt how to lay down boundaries and say NO." 

"The horses have helped me by supporting and befriending me when I was suffering bullying  at school and home."

What learners say about Equine Assisted Learning?

" I lacked clarity and focus but after spending time with the horses I became calmer and could see a way forward which made me feel positive again."

" I gained confidence and the ability to speak up for myself after  doing sessions with the horses.".


Equine Assisted Learning Centre