Popular Units
Developing Personal Confidence and Self Awareness
Developing Confidence Working with Animals
Healthy Living
Improving Own Learning and Performance
Understanding Perimeter and Area
Measuring Distance and Length
Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Health and Safety in a Practical Environment


Work Preparation for Land-based Industries

These qualifications are available at Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2 and are suitable for those aged under 16 as well as those over the age of 16.

The aims of the qualifications are to:
• Prepare learners for the world of work in Land-based Industries
• Prepare learners for further work related study
• Ensure learners have an understanding of values and attitudes relevant to employment in Land-based Industries
• Help learners develop the general employability skills needed for successful and fulfilling employment
• Help learners identify specific occupational areas in which they may wish to pursue a career
• Help learners develop the skills necessary to find and gain employment.

Progression for learners is likely to be:
• To higher level qualifications in the Work Preparation suite

To a wide range of other training and qualifications.

• Directly to employment
• Onto Traineeships
• Onto Apprenticeships

Skills Towards Enabling Progression
The Skills Towards Enabling Progression  qualifications are a flexible and adaptable range of general
and pre-vocational qualifications.
The qualifications have been devised with the aim of preparing learners for further learning and/or employment. They
are available for use with pre- and post-16 learners.


EAQ is able to create individualised learning programmes tailored to learners’ needs, enabling those learners to achieve single units or work towards a national qualification and improve their opportunities for their future training or employment.

The aims of the qualifications are to:
• Engage and motivate learners to identify their individual and personal strengths for progression to post-16 study and/or employment
• Provide learning opportunities that enable participants to realise their potential to progress to further and higher education
• Provide information and advice to learners on possible progression routes, including to higher education
• Recognise learning achievements through credits and other recognised qualifications to provide coherence
 and progression
• Provide learning opportunities that are stimulating and engaging
• Enable learners to develop their literacy and/or numeracy skills.


Equine Assisted Learning Centre

​​Equine Assisted Learning is a new and innovative way for children, young people and adults to engage in learning.  Sessions happen mostly out of doors with the horses and can cover all aspects of the curriculum from literacy and numeracy to history and science.

Who Can Benefit?
Children, young people and adults who have:

  •  autism spectrum conditions
  •  low self esteem
  •  ADHD
  • dyslexia 
  •  attachment issues
  •  special educational needs
  •  poor literacy and numeracy
  •  social, emotional or​ learning  difficulties

Learners take part in ground-based activities with the horses, there is usually no riding.
Sessions run all year round and range from one hour per week through to full-time depending on the needs of the child.

We cater for children and young people who are not taking part in any formal education as well as supporting those who are in school.

​Many learners prefer their sessions to be on a one-to-one basis but we do offer sessions for groups of up to four learners at a time. Each learner has a development plan with objectives that are appropriate and measurable.

Learners spend time with the horses or on horse-related activities and can work towards nationally-recognised qualifications. These qualifications have identified learning outcomes which are valued by funding providers such as the Local Education Authority.

We liaise with schools, SENCOs, teachers or other professionals as necessary, providing you with reports about the learner’s progress should you need them.